Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Journey makes his Debut

This is a blog post about Fair Trade; 
     a post about the present and the future, 
about clarity and vision, 
     about sanctity and value, 
about people and planet; 
     this post is about hope for the future.

Our Little Journey on his first day in the world

Chou and I have joyous news of our own to announce from our Journey for Fair Trade. On the sunny afternoon of Saturday, July 2nd, 2011, in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, our newborn son joined us fresh from the beauty of a nine-month creation. For Chou and I, the birth of our Little Journey is nothing short of a miracle; he is the beauty of innocence and hope wrapped tightly in a bundle. We know the values we will teach; the appreciation of life we will share; and the principles we impart upon him will impact an entire generation. 

Our hope for the future of our shared planet is in the Fair Trade Movement. By this we mean that we hope Fair Trade will do more than create a small percentage of conscientious consumers and impact a few cooperatives in distant nations. Our vision for Fair Trade is a vision for the future; we believe that through Fair Trade a world can be awakened to the values of sustainability, equity, and diversity on a shared planet. 

We hope that our efforts can bring positive direction and change to the concept of Business as Usual; that exploitation of children will become a thing of the past, labor rights will be respected as a paradigm of human achievement, and environmental sustainability will surpass short term gains as the milestone of corporate success. Our hope is for a world committed to the principles of Fair Trade, open and transparent, and based on respect for human rights. We envision a world where Little Journey's right to play, education, healthcare and safety is universally embraced and gender equity is a human condition.

And above all, we want to be part of the movement to make this vision a reality. 

Our first family photo of our Journey together

Thank you for joining us on our Journey for Fair Trade, and feel free to join us for more "first photos" on facebook.

Mitch, Chou, and Little Journey.

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  1. Congratulations! I think you're going to find this will really solidify for you what the work is all about. I know it did for me, it's part of the impetus that got me started. I really loved this - "We know the values we will teach; the appreciation of life we will share; and the principles we impart upon him will impact an entire generation." Best of luck, and we'll understand if posting is a little light for a while ;-)