Friday, April 22, 2011

Starting a Malaysian Fair Trade Initiative!

Don't Just Be the Change 
you wish to see in the world, 
Be a Catalyst for Social Change!!!

If you are interested in bringing positive Social Change to Malaysia, I would like to invite you to join us in starting a Malaysian Fair Trade Initiative!!! I am looking for Malaysians who would like to promote an end to Business as Usual, and introduce an ethical business model that empowers disadvantaged communities around the world with practices that are free from exploitation and based on respect for universal human rights, women's rights, child rights, labour rights, and which incorporates environmentally sound practices. 

If you feel that you want to work with me in the coming weeks to start a Malaysian Fair Trade Initiative, email me, contact me on facebook or add your comment below. The time for bringing Social Change to Malaysia is now! We need conscientious consumers, human rights advocates, environmentalists, enlightened academics, internet savvy networkers, motivated university students, advocates who want to change the world, ethical retailers and Malaysians who believe a better world is possible. 

If you are in Malaysia and reading this blog, Fair Trade needs you!!

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur in mid-April and am available to meet interested individuals and organizations. If you want to be part of something greater than the sum of its members, join the Malaysian Fair Trade Initiative! 

The meeting is set for 9am on Saturday, April 30th. If you are interested in joining please contact me at journer (at) gmail (dot) com for more details.

Mitch Teberg, MA


  1. Thanks Mitch for this initiative.

    Please count Indochine Natural in on this.... we are looking forward to meeting yourself and others interested in Fair Trade in Malaysia.

  2. Good luck Cuz!! I am very proud of all the work you are doing.

  3. Hi Mitch. Good to meet you in Penang. Canyou provide details of the meeting in KL so that I can also help spread the word around to others who may be interested??

  4. A successful meeting in KL on the 30th for the Malaysia Fair Trade initiative with a good representation of producers, NGOs and retailers/wholesalers. We at Indochine Natural are looking forward to the next meeting planned for 25 May where goals will be identified and an organisational structure established.