Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fair Trade Survey in the UK

I recently received an email I would like to share with Fair Traders in the UK! 

Dear Mitch,

I'm conducting a survey to support my masters dissertation about fair trade at University of Portsmouth, UK. If you found that there is a chance to post my questionnaire onto your blog I would be too glad.

Great blog, keep going with it!

Pls. also feel free to share this mail with your friends who might be interested or would be possibly helpful with this...

Thanks a lot indeed in advance!

Robert Berebyi

Join me is assisting Robert in his Fair Trade inquiry! It only takes a minute, and will help out a fellow Fair Trader's dissertation!

Mitch Teberg, MA


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  4. I'm doing my MA in Economics Dissertation on Fair Trade as well but I'm so stuck I don't know how to continue. Either on its general impact or on studycases :(

    1. Contact me directly for ideas or suggestions if you need.

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